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New Tyres and Puncture Repair Services

Ardsley Autos provides an array of Tyre sales and repair services including cheap tyres, puncture repairs and wheel alignment or tracking. By using state of the art warehouse stock checking and ordering software from our supplier, we are able to order our Tyre’s to be delivered within the hour without the need for stocking. This enables us to be extremely competitive and offer our customers the best rates available on all Tyre brands including the latest tyre’s from Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone Pirelli and many more.

We regularly have special offers on branded tyres and these can change daily so it’s always worth giving us a ring or contacting us for the best prices.

As well as providing new tyres to our customers, we also provide Puncture Repairs, Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment services, and all at very reasonable rates.

Wheel Balancing

Ever noticed your steering wheel vibrating at certain speeds, usually on the motorway. This can be caused by a variety of different problems with your car but the most common fault is an incorrectly balanced wheel. This can sometimes be caused by losing a weight that was originally on your wheel, or some other change on the wheel to cause the in balance. The first time you will notice a problem is when you feel a slight vibration through the steering wheel. If this is happening to you give us a call to have your wheels checked. Leaving an unbalanced wheel can lead to other problems so it’s always worth having them checked if you suspect you have an problem. We charge £12.00 per wheel so give us a call

Punture Tyres

Where ever possible we will l endeavour to repair any puncture tyre providing that the overall condition is road worthy and that the area the puncture occurred is in a repairable zone. This usually means in the treaded are and not to near the side wall. Once we have repaired the tyre, we will fit it back on the wheel, inflate to the correct pressure and balance. Puncture repairs cost £15.00 plus VAT and can be done while you wait or left with us to pick up later in the day.

Wheel Alignment (Tracking)

Wheel Alignment or Tracking as it’s known is carried out in our workshop by using the latest Laser Alignment System. We are able to set the steering geometry of your vehicle to the recommended manufacturers settings. A vehicle with tracking that is out by only slightest amount can cause a tyres life to reduce to rapidly, even the slightest kerb contact will affect the settings, a common sign of a tracking fault will be tyres wearing on one edge faster than the rest of the tread. We can carry out our wheel alignment services while you wait for only £20.00 plus VAT.

Competitive Prices

We price all our jobs fairly and accurately while using the best quality parts to ensure longevity of your vehicle.

We Work With All Makes & Models

We price all our jobs fairly and accurately while using the best quality parts to ensure longevity of your vehicle.

Local Family Business

We price all our jobs fairly and accurately while using the best quality parts to ensure longevity of your vehicle.

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Our Other Services


We service all makes and models of vehicles at Ardsley Autos. We carry out a range of servicing options, as we firmly believe that its the best way to keep your car or van fully maintained and in good roadworthy condition.


On modern cars a laptop is as essential for fault diagnosis as a spanner or screw driver. At Ardsley Autos we have the latest diagnostic equipment to hand to help find a variety of faults on nearly all makes of car at a reasonable rate.

M.O.T Testing

We carry out M.O.T Test on class 4 (cars) and class 7 (vans)6 days a week. You can drop your vehicle off with us and arrange to pick it up at a convenient time for you, or you can wait in our comfortable customer waiting area.