Vehicle Diagnostics Wakefield

Comprehensive fault diagnosis service for all makes and modesl

Ardsley Autos, Wakefield offer an array of Vehicle Diagnostic services to our customers to help diagnose problems with modern cars.

The technology used to operate vehicles today is more complex than you can imagine. A can-bus system delivers messages all around the 50 or so control modules and units in a blink of an eye. Adaptive control technology, which learns your driving style and preferences. GPS controlled system’s monitor and report, high voltage 400v hybrid drive, low voltage sensor working in millivolts, and the technology just keeps advancing.

But with all this advanced technology comes advanced problems to solve, Gone are the days when a mechanic can get you car going with a box of spanners and sockets and a big hammer, mechanics these days are more auto-electrical technicians than grease monkeys, with the laptop and oscilloscope used just as often as the spanners and sockets.

And diagnostics of these problems doesn’t stop advancing either, manufacturers of the diagnostic equipment are constantly updating software and equipment and it can become obsolete within 3 years if not kept up to date.

Some common faults encountered are

Engine Management

Electrical Accessory Issue

Blower Motor Faults

Charging Faults

Emission Faults

ABS Faults

Lighting Faults

Non Starting Issues

Latest Advances In Automotive Technologies

The latest advances in the diagnosis of vehicle faults pass through interface technology; this is where the workshop merely becomes an internet connection for your car, it will dial up the main dealer factory and will be diagnosed by mainframe servers hundreds/thousands of miles away.

Our diagnostic equipment is the latest versions of the latest equipment updated daily to ensure we can effectively diagnose the latest vehicles

Staff are highly trained, attending training courses specific to the equipment we use to ensure we know exactly how to use it to its best effectiveness.

All that been said we also don’t believe that all this equipment should be used as a separate money making tool like other garages who charge ££££ just to connect it up and tell you something which you don’t really need to know. We charge by the hour for everything we do, this is the fairest way, you pay for the time we spend looking at your car. There is however, a minimum of 1 hours labour for diagnostics, this is just because of the cost to use the equipment, annual updates, and subscriptions.